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A person with a dislike or fear of new technology.

As the sun is beating against the windows, with a wealth of the white stuff firmly settled on the ground outside; I sit here writing this today: trying to navigate the keyboard which is littered with a plethora of different buttons; most holding multiple different functions as opposed to their obvious job!

I find myself constantly looking out the window watching ‘Big Ned’ sit still, day after day, wondering WHEN I can fire up the engines and take the first few hgv training candidates out for 2021… I am hating this. With the world changing around us, technology is becoming more and more prominent without our lives, and because our trucks are grounded for the time being, I’m being drafted in to teach DCPC and other courses online.

This is a nightmare for me. As for many of you guys reading this, I presume. Each day sees a new set of candidates pleading with family members to come to their aid and save the day, whilst they struggle with coming to terms of this new age. I mean, some of us barely know how to turn on a computer! And I include myself in that group.

Anyway, the intention behind this article is to reassure all you dinosaurs out there. Don’t worry, it’s not your thing. We get it.

In a world full of online meetings, inconsistent internet connections, and a life of leaving the house once a week (the rest of the time sitting all day in your underwear, wearing a t-shirt… or is that just me?), rest assured, we’re just as clueless as you guys are! 

I’m joking. Obviously.

If you decide to book on an online course, DCPC, TM Refresher (and most recently we’ve been given the green light to run ADR), we are here to help you get settled into the course, to make it as enjoyable for you as possible.

Hell, I’ve seen us sit with candidates a day or two before their course is due and talk them through how to install whatever software they need, as to minimise any disruptions to the course and to eliminate any worries you guys might have. It’s a big thing: we’re wagon drivers, we don’t do computer stuff!

HGV Driver Training Gateshead

The harsh reality is that we need to get to grips with it these days though.

Here’s to the next time we can do classroom courses! See you in the future!  (I wrote this a few months ago, but never uploaded it. It’s looking like we can get back to Classroom training in Mid-April!)


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