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Initial Driver CPC

What is Initial CPC Training?

The driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is a qualification required by all drivers of vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes as part of their job. All new drivers must complete both Module 2 (Case Studies) and Module 4 (Practical Demonstration) in order to complete their initial CPC. Module 2 is a computer based test and module 4 is a practical test which requires the use of a goods vehicle, these modules must be done in order so you have to pass the module 2 before you are able to attend the module 4 test. Once completed you will receive a DQC (Driver Qualification Card) this qualification lasts for 5 years and you must undergo regular training to keep the qualification.

Wait – Do you need Periodic CPC instead?

As mentioned above once you have your CPC you must undergo regular classroom based training called Periodic CPC in order to keep the qualification. If you have or have ever had your driver CPC before you will need to complete the 35 hours of classroom CPC training instead. You can find Periodic Driver CPC courses here.

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Who is eligible to undertake initial CPC?

To undertake your initial CPC you MUST NOT have held a DQC before and you MUST either have provisional entitlement or full entitlement to drive a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

The common situations where people need Initial CPC are:

  • New drivers undergoing their training to gain a vocational licence
  • Ex-Military who gained the licence in the forces and now want to drive for a living
  • Those returning to the industry who hold a vocational licence but have never held a Driver Qualification Card

What is involved in the initial CPC Training?

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Module 2  e-learning

The e-learning can be accessed on your phone, table and PC. The study material will prepare you for the test and also give you practice tests to complete. The important thing to remember is that this is a case study test so you will read a scenario and then answer questions based on the information in the scenario. During the test you can go back and re-read the scenario as many times as you like.

Module 2 Test

The test takes place at an official DVSA testing centre, these are usually in every major city so our team will work with you to find the most convenient location and time for you. You will be provided with a print out confirming your result immediately upon completing the test.

Module 4 Training

The training for the Module 4 consists of some classroom based theory and some practical elements using a vehicle and a specialist loading trolley. During your training you will receive advice and guidance from the instructor who will demonstrate all aspects of the test, provide some common questions and answers as well as assisting you with a practice test before the real thing.

Module 4 Test

As an authorised DVSA Module 4 test centre our team are able to conduct the Module 4 test at our sites in Gateshead and Durham. The test itself will take between 10-15 minutes in total and you will be provided with a certificate immediately upon passing the test.

How long does the Initial CPC take to complete?

The Initial CPC is made up for 2 parts which are completed in separate locations and typically on different days so the question of how long it takes is difficult to give a definitive answer. Generally the Module 2 availability will be around 3 weeks in most busy cities however if you are in a rush we can monitor the system for cancellations. As for the Module 4 test we are an authorised DVSA test centre and can therefore arrange a test at fairly short notice depending upon our availability.

So to answer the question the two tests will take no more than 30 minutes each but the whole process will probably be around 4 weeks in total unless we can secure a cancellation that suits you.

How much does the Initial CPC cost?

The total cost of initial CPC is £220 and this includes:

  • e-learning study material
  • Module 2 test fees
  • Module 4 training and vehicle hire
  • Module 4 test fees

How do I book Initial CPC with North East Driving School?

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Initial Driver CPC

  • Study for Module 2 Online
  • Complete Module 2 (Case Studies) Test
  • Undertake Module 4 Practical Training
  • Pass Module 4 (Practical Demonstration) Test
  • Gain your DQC (Drivers Qualification Card)

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Category C+E Direct

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Initial Driver CPC

All new drivers who are wishing to drive professionally must complete both the Module 2 and Module 4 examinations

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