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Category C+E

Articulated Lorry C+E Licence

Do you see yourself behind the wheel of a 44 tonne articulated vehicle?

Get your licence to drive an articulated vehicle of up to 44 tonnes. Category C+E (previously class 1). This training is ideal for anyone seeking employment as an LGV driver or anyone looking to upgrade their CAT C entitlement.

The Category C+E vehicle; articulated lorry is the next logical step for anyone currently driving category C, rigid vehicles. This entitlement will allow you to drive the largest vehicles on the UK roads – opening up huge opportunity for employment and career progression. Our instructors can get you up to speed and through your test in no time.

Similarly to those who come to us for their CAT C training, almost 99% of our candidates ask two questions before they book:

How hard is the reverse?

In short, not very. Yes it is different in terms of the length you’re probably used to, as well as turning the opposite way to which you intend to go. You get plenty of time to practise this during your tuition. And remember, you’re allowed to shunt the wagon forward twice during the manoeuvre. Use them if you need to.

  • Top tip 1: Observation is key during this manoeuvre. As part of the exercise, you will be required to uncouple and then recouple the tractor unit and trailer in order to demonstrate to your examiner that you will be able to do this competently when out on the road on your own.
  • Top tip 2: Remember to ask your examiner to check the rear lights clusters once you’ve recoupled. How much does it cost? 

On average, candidates will spend a full week with us. On the rare occasion, we get candidates booking 4 days of training with a test in the afternoon of the 4th day.

For those who will be going straight from a car licence to C+E additional training will be required depending on experience and we would always advise you complete a driving assessment first.

Check out our video below about what the CAT C + E Training programme involves.

*(You must have a full category C licence or your C+E Provisional to go out for an assessment drive in a C+E vehicle)

C+E (Class 1) Qualification Procedure

  • You must already hold a Category C licence
  • Driving Tuition & Reversing Techniques
  • The Practical Driving Test
  • HIRED Day (Optional Extra)
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