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Category C+E

What is Category C+E Training?

The Category C+E is a vocational licence category which allows the holder to drive articulated heavy goods vehicles up to 44 tonnes. Previously referred to as a Class 1 driving licence. To undertake the standard category C+E training course you will need to currently hold a category C licence.

Wait – Have you considered Direct Category C+E?

If you do not have a category C licence already then you will need to look at going direct for a category C+E licence instead. Check out our Category C+E Training Direct page.

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Who is eligible to undertake C+E Training?

To undertake our standard C+E training you must hold a full UK Category C licence. Holding a category C licence will automatically give you the provisional for C+E.

What is involved in the training?

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Practical Training

The driving lessons for C+E consist of:

Four 4 hour lessons, and one hour long lesson before the test and vehicle hire for the practical driving test

During your lessons you will cover all the skills you need to pass both of your practical tests (Parts 3a and 3b – See Below)

Off Road Manoeuvres Test (Part 3a)

The off road section of your driving test is a simple reverse manoeuvre undertaken at our dedicated off road training centre. As an approved DVSA Module 3a test centre we are able to conduct these tests in house saving you time and money.

On Road Driving Test (Part 3b)

This is your actual driving test which will be taken at a DVSA test centre and conducted by a DVSA examiner. Once you pass this test you gain the category C+E on your driving licence.

How long does it take to complete C+E driver training?

As you already hold an HGV licence there is no need to complete your theories again and if you have been working you likely already have your driver CPC so this is not needed either. (If CPC is needed this will be an extra cost and we can confirm this with you at the time)

The practical training side only takes 1 week to complete and we can usually get you booked in within 3-4 weeks of paying your deposit.

How much does C+E driver training cost?

You will pay a deposit of £400 which will allow us to pencil in your practical training and book your tests at a convenient time.

The remaining balance will be payable before you undertake your driving lessons and practical tests in the vehicle. This balance will be £1480 if you needed all the elements detailed above. It is also possible to arrange to pay this balance in stages.

How do I book C+E training with North East Driving School?

Simply pay your deposit online today and our team will be in touch to book your medical and give you all the information you need and get the wheels rolling.

C+E (Class 1) Qualification Procedure

  • You must already hold a Category C licence
  • Driving Tuition & Reversing Techniques
  • The Practical Driving Test

Category C1

Learn to drive heavy goods vehicles between 3.5 tonnes and up to a maximum of 7.5 tonnes

Category C

Learn to drive rigid heavy goods vehicles between 7.5 tonnes and up to a maximum of 32 tonnes.

Category C+E

Already qualified in Cat C, now learn to drive articulated heavy goods vehicles up to 44 tonnes.

Category C+E Direct

C+E Direct training is specifically for those who are going from driving a car to gaining a C+E licence.

Initial Driver CPC

All new drivers who are wishing to drive professionally must complete both the Module 2 and Module 4 examinations

Forklift Training

Our dedicated Fork Lift Truck (FLT) training team is led by a BRITTOp accredited FLT Trainer

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