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Category C

Rigid Lorry:
Category C Licence

Fancy learning to drive any rigid vehicle up to 32 tonnes?

Drive two categories for the price of one!

Unlike CAT C + E, we only require our candidates to hold CAT B prior to undertaking tuition.

Holding Category C entitlement will allow you to drive all vehicles covered by CAT C1, which will open up huge opportunities for employment. The training is also ideal for anyone currently holding CAT C1 and wishing to upgrade there licence.

Just like our candidates who come to us for CAT C + E training, the two main questions we get asked by potential candidates are about the difficulty of the test and the price of tuition.

How Hard is the test?

Some would argue that passing your CAT C is harder than your CAT C + E, primarily due to the fact that there are more hoops to jump through. We’re not going to get into that now, just check out our video’s which will give you all the information you need. In short, you will start your journey with a medical examination and then apply for your provisional entitlement. There is no need for you to organise this, we’ve got everything in place to get you started. Simply get in touch and we’ll book you in. We’ll send both your Medical form and provisional application off to the DVLA at time of completing your medical examination.

To answer any questions about the difficulty of driving this category of vehicle… Just take a look at how many wagons are on the road today. Yes, it can be challenging. Of course, it is. But it is not impossible. The main thing to remember is that you are driving a bigger vehicle and that it is longer and wider than anything you’ve probably driven before.

  • Top Tip 1: You will need to check your mirrors every 2-4 seconds.
  • Top Tip 2: Start checking your blind spot again when you pull off from a stationary position.

How much does it cost?

Our prices reflect the level of service you will be given. Our aim at North East Driving School is to be the best training school out there, and we believe that our training package is by far one of the most prestigious.

We strongly recommend candidates taking our five-day package plus test. All of our candidates are guaranteed to pass their test when they take this option.

The cost for CAT C training will vary depending on who you decide to go with. The prices we’ve seen range from £1350 – £4,000.

The quote you will receive from us will include everything you need for your training, as well as your first job.

We don’t believe in selling the service, our programme sells itself. Although if you want more information, give us a call, or drop us a message on our Facebook page where one of our instructors will be able to answer all of your questions.

*(You must have a provisional licence to go out for an assessment drive)

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    HGV Qualification Procedure

    • Get a Medical
    • Apply for your Provisional
    • Part 1 - HGV Theory & Hazard Perception
    • Part 2 - Driver CPC Module 2 (Case Studies)
    • Part 3 - The Practical Driving Test
    • Part 4 - Driver CPC Module 4 (Practical Demonstration)
    • HIRED Day (Optional Extra)
    Gaining the B+E category on your licence allows you to pull a...
    Get your licence to drive a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes, up to 7.5 tonnes.
    Get your licence to drive a vehicle over 7.5 tonnes, up to 32 tonnes.
    Get your licence to drive an articulated vehicle up to 44 tonnes.
    Mod 4 Initial CPC
    All new drivers, wishing to drive professionally, must complete both...
    Practice your Theory, hazard perception, and Driver CPC Module 2 from your smartphone...

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