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Category B+E

Can you tow a trailer?

If you passed your car test after Jan 1997 the answer is no.

Gaining the B+E category on your licence allows you to pull a trailer weighing over 750kg, such as a caravan or horsebox. Basically, anything larger than a small garden waste trailer.

If you passed your car test (Category B) after January 1997 you will have to sit an additional test in order to tow most modern trailers, caravans and horseboxes. Our instructors can get you up to speed and through your test in no time. Our training programme usually lasts about 3 days.

We might as well get your training started now: As well as you having to couple and uncouple the car and trailer during the test, keep in mind that during your reverse you only need to make small adjustments to the steering wheel to successfully complete the manoeuvre. Upon success of recoupling the car with the trailer (which is usually executed after your reverse), your examiner will want to see that you possess sufficient awareness to check that your rear lights are in good working order, and that your front and rear number plates match. Check out our video guide to reversing the vehicle to test standard, as well as walking you through the coupling and uncoupling exercise below.

How much does it cost? 

The cost of trailer training depends upon how many lessons you need to get to the standard required to pass the test. The average cost is between £520 and £570, however you can get an accurate quotation by booking an assessment drive for only £35. This is then refunded if you book your lessons and test with us.

For queries regarding availability, feel free to give us a call, drop us a message through our social media pages, or pop into the office and have a coffee with us.

Gaining your Licence

  • Book a Trailer Driving Assessment (15-20mins)
  • Complete Trailer Driving Lessons (2-4 lessons)
  • Take the B+E Test (Approx 40 mins)
Gaining the B+E category on your licence allows you to pull a...
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