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Many candidates come into the industry with an idea of what they want to haul. One such option is dangerous goods. It’s a good career move, so we are always enthused by our candidates who know what direction they want to down after earning their vocation entitlements.

In fact, its not uncommon for candidates to come and gain their CAT C and CAT C + E qualifications then return a month or two later to take their ADR exams.

Any driver who wishes to transport dangerous goods will be required to hold a Vocational Training Certificate (VTC) which covers all of the relevant categories of dangerous goods.

We have a plethora of expert trainers on hand to guide you through each category, each exam and each day of your training as well as being one phone call away should you need any assistance when you’re on the road.

Download our Basic Guide to Transporting Dangerous Goods and Infographic Pack which can be found on this page, designed with any of you in mind who are thinking of taking the course. It will give you some background knowledge of the subject before you come and study with us.

Taking you ADR also counts towards 28 or your 35 hours of next Driver CPC training period. With that in mind; what have you got to lose?

Come and study with us, a DfT Approved Training Centre.

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