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North East Driving School, we do things better.

Here at North East Driving School, we do things better.

Yes, that does sound really arrogant. However; We do.

We are so passionate about our HGV training, we don’t just send you some HGV theory material and expect you to learn it and pass a test.

Because, let’s face it, some of you will just expect to pass them without even opening the study pack we give you… yes, we’re looking you there!

Anyway, for those of you that do actually study, good for you. I remember when I was studying for my HGV theory module 1 and 2 exams. I would sit in front of the computer for 2/3 hours a night after doing a full day of graft. Wasn’t the best experience, I tell you.

When you receive your HGV theory material from us, please open it up and familiarise yourself with it. When we send your medical booking confirmation, there will be a video at the bottom of the email which explains where to find us, and if you watch it all there is a short tutorial on how to use the theory material, as well as a short guide which will help you nail some of the Drivers’ Hours questions you could be asked during your HGV theory test. Try watching it and see what you can learn.

Practice, practice, practice!

For you to use at your convenience, we have a designated training room available for any candidates who wish to come in and study HGV theory and hazard perception for a couple of hours. Occasionally, candidates have explained that they struggle to study in a familiar, comfortable environment at home.

And if we’re honest… we get it. There are way too many distractions going on at home!

I’m writing this from home now, and if I look around, I notice that I have music on, the dog is running back and forward, I can hear other people having their own conversations, and my phone is constantly lighting up. Sometimes, there are just too many distractions to allow you to take stuff in.

Which, I suppose is a perfect testimonial as to why we’ve gone and got some computers rigged up just for you, to allow you to sit in peace and learn. If you need any notebooks to write down any answers to any questions you are struggling with, just ask.

And the biggest benefit of all… there is a building full of HGV experts. The choice is yours, you can be left alone, or an instructor can sit with you and help you out.

We look forward to seeing you.

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