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Test Day…


By now you ARE ready for it.

Its not an easy test to pass, but have confidence in your ability and your training.

The biggest tip anyone can give you for your test is:


There is no doubt about it, if you’re safe during your test, you will pass. Its that simple.

For those of you that are reading this and have completed your week of HGV training with us, the following information will be nothing new to you. But for those of you who haven’t yet started your training, take note; the following will aid you during your tuition:

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors:

Every 2 – 4 seconds, as a professional driver, you will be required to check your mirrors.

MSM: Mirror, Signal Manoeuvre:

Check your mirrors before you do anything!

Look well ahead:

What are the hazards on this road? What impact will they have on your driving?

Plan well ahead:

Have those traffic lights been on green for a while? If so, they might change before you will be able to clear them. Adjust your speed accordingly.

Control your nerves:

Control your vehicle. It’s only human to be nervous during an exam. Its unrealistic of us to expect otherwise. But it still doesn’t stop us telling you to try and stay calm. Think logically and drive smoothly.

What does the HGV Driving test involve?

Your HGV driving test will last for roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes, which will include a reversing manoeuvre as well as a 10 minute independent drive. During this time you examiner will ask you to follow signs to reach a certain destination. The purpose of this part of the test is to see if you can demonstrate a proficient ability to follow road signs and get to your destination safely.

The overall aim of the HGV test is for candidates to show that they are more than capable of driving in a mixture of conditions as well as blending and varying types of roads to see how you cope with them.

You’ll notice that I haven’t spoke about the reverse exercise at all. It’s nothing to concern yourself about, yet everyone worries.

If I think back to when I passed my HGV tests, it was my biggest worry too. Its silly. Its nothing to worry about and its well within your control.

However, should you feel the need to concern yourself about it, check out the video below which gives you proof that it is not anything to worry about.

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