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FANCY BECOMING A KEY WORKER? (Lorry drivers can earn an average salary of  £32,500!)


(Lorry drivers can earn an average salary of  £32,500!)

As we know, the DVSA have recently suspended all driving tests. However, here at North East Driving School, we see no reason to wait that long before we get the wheels turning! At the time of writing this post, 15.06.20, it seems things could soon be starting to return to normal. Hopefully…

We have all seen the news stories praising key workers. As well as NHS staff, truck drivers are also receiving a high volume of praise – and we’re proud to know we’ve trained some of you! Not only are we proud of our own candidates, we are honoured to represent the industry at large – to all of you working in the UK supply chain, delivering an essential service to community – we thank you.

We’ve been busy during this lockdown period too. We know that when the lockdown is lifted, the British economy will be changed. As a result, the job market will not be what it was – that’s why we’ve been working hard with employers here in the North East to secure interviews for our future candidates.


What’s more, we’ve built into our practical training package an optional CV-writing service: we want our candidates not only to pass their test, but to carry that positive momentum over into the world of work.

One final thing – Here at NEDS, we are so confident in our training programme, that we guarantee you a first time pass, OR we will pay for your retest!


We urge all future candidates to start revising for their Module 1A and 1B tests NOW. This will reduce your wait for a test and allow us to get you in the truck sooner. When you sign up with NEDS, we will work with you to apply for your provisional entitlement, organise your medical, and do everything necessary to help get you on the road to a new, rewarding, life-long career.


Get in touch for a quote today. We look forward to hearing from you.


 P.S. Book within the next month and we’ll even throw in a full-day CPC course (worth £68.75) when you pass your test…

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