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We know the worry some of you will be feeling: training for a job in an industry you will have no experience in?
Crazy, right?

Surely you’ll never get a job!


In fact you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

The haulage industry is always looking for new drivers, and no matter who you speak to; they’ll tell you that any Transport Manager will give you newly qualified drivers a start. After all, we all need a chance.

If that’s not enough to convince you though, included in all of our CAT C packages is a sit down chat with a member of our employability team.

That’s right:

At North East Driving School we have we have our own employability department, dedicated to finding you a job after you pass your test. During your tuition our team of experts will create a new CV for you, give you solid, real world interview tips – the does and don’t’s – as well as assisting you with finding employment once you finish your lessons.

Employability Team

Help you with the job hunt.

Give you interview tips.

Help you to create a new CV.

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